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Posted February 23, 2022 at 6:00 pm

"Joiville-Sur-Mer" could be translated to "City of Joy- On- Sea" from French to English! But since the "Joi" in "Joiville" can easily be understood as "Joy" in English, I thought it worked nicely in both language. 

(and "Port-bec" would be... "Port (as in harbour)- Beak")

If you can read French by the way, I recommend checking out the French version of the comic (by clicking on the little French flag if you're on your computer, or on mobile if you click on "French Version" in the menu), as I actually write this comic in French first (since it's happening in France, I thought it logical to make French the original version), and English second.

Wish you an excellent end of the week!