Page 210
Posted February 8, 2024 at 12:00 am

oooof! I'm pouring all the drama in this chapter, damn! And it's far from being over yet too, augh!

Let me know when it's too much haha

(... which won't change my plans for this 2nd part of a chapter but hey, maybe I can make the next chapter EXTRA CHILL to make amends)

(that would be nice actually haha)

OH and also: since I'm finishing up the NSFW Harlivy fancomic and the deadline's real soon (my self imposed deadline: V day), next LTT update won't be a full page I'm afraid! Either I'll have time to wip up a lil' valentine's day doodle or uh... nothing at all :D but I'll definitely do my best to get something updated here!

By the way, Bluesky's now opened to any and all (the new twitter, basically, without too many trolls yet) so if you want updates and stuff from moi, here's where you can find me! > <