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Posted April 18, 2023 at 12:00 am

All righty, heads up!! Starting now, Pia & the Little Tiny Things will update once per week, every Tuesdays for a few weeks, until the usual 2x page per week update returns!

This is a temporary change in the webcomic's schedule because of two big events I need time to prepare for: my move from my appartement in Brussels to a house in France (near the sea<3) end of May, AND the crowdfunding for Go Get a Roomie's 4th and final book that will launch in the same month!!

That means that I have to cut back a little on this ongoing comic of mine, while still putting enough time for it to make a page per week. ('cause I don't want it to stop either! I'm having too much fun with PatLTT, especially with these scenes >:D)

Hope you'll still be able to enjoy this last chunk of chapter 5, and hope to return asap to the usual schedule!

PatLTT will most likely have a summer break in July as well! Might as well let you know in advance :)

Thank you for your time, and have a lovely day.

PS: oh and readers on Patreon will have access to more PatLTT updates, if ever you want to support me and have early access for stuff (and have access to loads of other past patreon-only stuffs) :)
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