Page 11
Posted November 15, 2021 at 6:00 pm

Thanks for the comments on the comic and your feedbacks on the website! There are still little tweaks to make, so I'm noting all of it down and will see with the Hiveworks tech how we can improve on your reading experience.

I'll also make the text a little bigger, as some of you have mentioned it's a little too small and can strain the eyes. Should be a little better starting now!

Sadly we can't really make the comic page bigger, unless we get rid of the vertical ad right next to it, which will greatly influence the income I make from the ad revenues. 

Perhaps someday I'll be able to put it aside, but the Covid did have some consequences on my financial situation, so I'd rather maintain that vertical ad for now.

Aside from all that joyous talk, I'm so glad to have you all here and I am so, so very excited to get this webcomic going, and for you to meet the other characters! <3