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Posted October 19, 2023 at 12:00 am

Hey folks! 

I apologize for the lack of page update today, it's not always easy keeping up with my current work schedule! Shall I share a bit of it? 

Monday: Little Tiny Things, pencil a page (I use a blue pencil, like this!)

Tuesday: Little Tiny Things, I ink the page, scan and color it digitally (and add the text!)

Wednesday: I try to do an entire Harley/Ivy page (for the nsfw fancomic I'm doing, part 2 of No Regrets)
This means pencil & ink (traditionally), color & text (digitally), all in one day. I don't always manage to finish it though, as the color especially takes quite a bit of time!

Thursday: Another LTT page! Pencil time.

Friday: ink and letter the LTT page

Saturday: the catching up day! If I wasn't able to finish a page, now's the time.

Sunday: freedom!

And that's how my week usually goes! Sometimes I have more free time because pages go faster (for example, if there isn't much backgrounds to draw), sometimes I have to work later than usual, and at rare times I work on Sundays to catch up on work. And I haven't even talked about the script/thumbnails! That can take up days. But once I'm done scripting and thumbnailing for a whole chapter, I have a few months before I have to write the next.

I also have life stuff to manage (these days it's mowing the grass with my new scythe), and weekly activities (Systema class and living model class!) and... simply enjoying life.

But as you may have guessed, my time's mostly dedicated to comics. And I count myself lucky to be able to do it all for a living! I also have comic projects for the future I'm very excited about that I have yet to talk about but love working on them when I can! Don't know if you noticed, but I plan on continuing to make comics for quite a bit more time :)

SO! If you're able to help and support my work financially, please consider giving a little something on my Patreon! It's currently my main source of income, and its stability is very dear to me (as you can guess)! 

OR, if you want smexy Harlivy fancomics drawn by moi, you can buy the first part of "No Regrets" on itchio or Gumroad for $10! (and I'm working on the second part right now!)

I'll leave you be now (phew that was a lot!)

thanks for reading,

and... is it Tuesday yet? ;)) 

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