Posted July 4, 2024 at 12:00 am

It's summer break time!!

And it's the first time I think EVER in my webcomic life that I take this long a break. (almost two months!! what??)

Yes, Pia & the Little Tiny Things will be back on the 3rd of September!

I have quite a bit to work on besides this comic, so I'm taking this chance to make space for it all. Projects that will help me finance my ongoing comic work, and projects that I've had a hard time taking the time for (Headless Bliss v.2 portfolio....), and a bit of a real break from any type of work 'cause I deserve that too :D

If you want more art and silly things from moi, consider jumping on the Patreon wagon! Where I'll be putting up exclusive lil' doodles and comics (mostly gay stuff because of course) all year long! Patrons will also see this comic return just a little earlier :)

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